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tv   RT News  PBS  December 5, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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and. tim. chu you we will what will he is our. a stunning go in scandinavia nice weekend revealed to be in on the spine gang helping the nsa sleep on the russian leadership and foresight that is insisting that time all in all the christian community in seattle religious official display faction to protect serious christians where a group of is still being held by a rebel forces plus. the note down with the united states stands with us. america
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weighs in on ukraine's own gary tries to support ceo position as protests is to present an eco beach and a with termites and force out review the company keep forty seven and start shooting. update list it rains hard line nationalist tapes and the claims they are hijacking the country spreading the huge demonstrations. the garcia twenty four seven life. will anyone take on the internet sweeties be helping america is an incentive to spy on russian reducing provided washington within east of connie price on tiki swedish study tv cycle can mislead by whistleblower and glitz night
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and the coast montes correspondent in europe the trauma the swedish national defence radio establishment to notice eighth on a the moment is that communications in the swedish air intelligence service. now it claims that the pp i thought he was looking into high priority russian targets this includes leadership and into internal political figures though it's unclear from the doctor instead of being put forward where the senior leaders like letting it know anybody else out there tried the communications listen to him too and we tried to come to the pf arate times and present to mr spokes person close to them saying they don't comment on these type of months is now a separate document that was released was the first address to nsa personnel are working with the sweets and told them that they should find sweet and for the continued work on the russian target know all
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of this coming and sharing this bit sweet and is just a note the costs of the system of peace is widespread global nsa spying program that seems to be looking into many other countries and has many of the country's working as partners with it the misinformation of course comes out on the same day as it's been revealed that the nsa tracks the immobile phone records of five billion people that day those mobile phone records of course would allow you to know where somebody was moving around the world so it seems that the months after we first heard from the lakes of edward snowden revelations continue to come out this time showing that sweden was helping the nsa to spy on russia. so you might cause his self once we can now add to this cent of russia's international internet traffic days through the country and of course rush is normal and can be subject to the allegations of high profile sleeping by the nsa jimmy's to spiegel mine is in midfield abc if it gets a seat on the two towns
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that i'm going to go for sia reportedly on washington's right now. brazil is present in the room staff as well as the russian prime minister and former needed to meet indicated he was spied on at the g twenty summit in london i think the fans and anonymous some help from britain's too cakey a birthday tradition investigated janice told last night thanks ladies for each day the train that the chief of the mass of guidance the era we live in. everybody knows everybody spot of everybody else the victory we don't know the extent that it was going on here as we we we always there for awhile that the swedish to say good capability is bought and developed. it's that this was a lot with the british intelligence in the post. but as with all things to do with it would snow does documents there's one thing for expats on the outside begin with suspecting that we all have been instances of itunes it's quite another when we stopped at the evidence that
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the sheer scale of weeds of national mass by god to all individuals governments the biggest ships to elevate its apps that can be phenomenal. for four to nineteen for brody international ethics secure the release of twelve month report to be held by radical islamic threat to lives in syria with the new essays from one of three terminal position is held in a predominantly christian time that supports the report says the latest in a series of attacks on religious targets in the country. twelfth night and said i hope those who belong to the orthodox monastery of minutiae of the need to have the means to be on wood. now according to syrian opposition activists the woman with moves for their own safety but very evident this official said that the woman was abducted by minnows of the alchemist the fines which is affiliated to al qaeda the sams a victory for human rights says that the woman was taken off
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the simple days of intensifying take a journey which in the hours to find finds his invincible managed to capture the old quartet of new debt and the latest reports point to the fact that he's almost at conferences. instead the orthodox monastery in the same to all who deal with these women were held in some other concert ticket is the most christians living in this area as the attacks against the community's seemingly estimate we have heard from the pope who has decided to pray for the safety of these woman and her yet. we adults he spoke with the international christian concern he said that they were extremely wiley an extremely troubled by this incident in particular at the half court on rebel forces to ensure the safety of these women or so to make sure that the four lines of communication within the main of panic. on several muslim clerics who have also condemned the abduction in
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the strongest terms. we denounce their deeds can confirm that terrorism is a savage monster which wants to devour all religious and humanitarian values. they came to kill him now to most women moms increase increase in heart patients alike the kidnap recent priestess of the events and alicia witt dangers conspiracy chains of human and the role of the directions hearing at which he wanted to take back the stone age. can you sit there and fight over the country how many christians have left my hair then i'm not living as refugees. elsewhere in damascus because this is the follow up the situation the last time that i was in syria. i visited the city of homes where both he said. as what is people who are returning to the christian quartet showed me a mountain found in texas and spoke about the fear that they too had as a tax on the christian community in sight so that its contents. the news media allegedly showing another rev an attack on a christian site
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in syria. this is the nineteenth. also don't want extreme need damascus steel position justified do so with claims the government raceway using it as a firing position inside the rebel within reach of our eyes on the scientists of all people would report to the lead in the attack on fees kevin and inside was an anglican priest from syria he says christians are being used to scan and for that. in the conflict thousands and thousands hundreds of thousands wealth of christians where displaced from their homes. and the local full of christians with guilt which we hopped on the shelves. missing from my home and hope we don't know anything about them. now one of the attack on the island the christian community in cabo. the world is watching river did it because the christians in syria have been specifically targeted old just for the getting caught up and avoid the conflict was the big chair. i think the rba fuel was by both sides. as has
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the political comment because the tree the day she was also two feet to the shawl that they are protecting the minority especially the christians and now they are breaking the floor for the international community to increase he had to leave these problems with the i'm devils. they are done in a blind eye. the islamists took our kids specifically christians. that is assisting my tic tac. all in all of the christian community in celiac and it was of thousands of off the trees with distaste. a senior american diplomat has waded into ukraine's on rocks and radio position on the phone getting friendly human rights act. this is ukraine's moments to meet the aspirations of its people or to disappoint them. and
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risk descending into chaos and violence. there should be no doubt with the united states stands on all events the assistant secretary of state victorian island was speaking at a pre planned regional security summit in kiev. meanwhile the opposition to new kinds of minutes. i know tonight's into the prizes and crept into sets up a run in the poll located in government institutions comments and eighty election is held is really getting to reports the nature of the price has been shifting hillary to ukraine. hillary to the theory is the official slogan of the hardline nationalist movement known as the ukrainian insurgent army and it can't hurt among the crowds and tube these days. here's just a couple of the protesting students mr next time people fall under the national assembly the party and the men inspired by the actions at the ui is wartime delicious we took a machine guns and fought the russians
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the germans and the built to quote wanted to take away our ukrainian land. this is that the kaczynski and other party activists. the radical nationalist movement. we need school. to maintain an organization not cause conte exist without evil. protest is one of those suspected of arranging the bulldozer action team over the weekend then it was then held her next sentence. this book is in western ukraine which has traditionally gravitated towards her rather than moscow we played for the european union until the end and even if they bring out tanks. we read unocal which must go. i'm ready to pick up an ak forty seven and start shooting. two thousand people go to kiev everyda. i know mah so as to give it to the end of resistance forces consist of afghanistan war veterans and former security service officials recent polls show
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the countries that are sharply divided on the issue with more than seventy percent of those living in western ukraine. savoring the deal with the european union. but that drops to less than thirty percent in the east in kiev. what began as a campaign over trade ties with europe is now descending into rallying cry for ukrainian nationalists. not to deal with that so when these people are being passed off as innocent kids who suffers during the peaceful process. i'm sorry i've seen others there who clearly were not merely. and then there were others with knives and asked why would anyone do to one's going to peaceful protests. yet it seems to be escaping from a european american political progress pictures of routing right when daddy was taking root here though still thirty years. meanwhile european politicians have been visiting price and scams in central kiev critical signs protesting the content really stinky and that the mind believes the eu does that count the best interests of
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the ukrainian people haha. a one sided message of support for the ball to the vu. and as an attempt to track the ukraine to sign the association agreement. i think it's a short sighted position one that seeks to dubai drive away rather between ukraine and russia whereas a more long sightedoud ukraine to associate and come together with the eu unfortunately this seems to be more of a divisive in a confrontational approach then one that aims at three conciliation. twelve years and since my teens and willingly crying right now in a few minutes time we hear about the struggle is having the key pieces this is a nice carnations. it is all that
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off. i am. the two language news programs and documentaries in arabic. it's cold here i'm off to the report and we'll talk. we are keen to be an intriguing story. are you today the trial of the arabic for no more visit our big old auntie don't call . the again while the eu keeps the welcome than the potential new members and could be setting itself up for trouble ahead with the impending threats is widespread. all the tea which some say the bill just one being able to handle the twenty percent of europe's population that is the risk of publicly bulgaria is one of these mice to impoverished countries with katie hoff its population living christ the bread on remind me that isn't far
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behind but for active can find it hard to make ends meet. unveiled at grace just a nice idea to fit the descent of the population struggle to meet financial demands and among the other major economies people entering and staying that they have crafted the same proportion of people under pressure from posh disparate images at more than a call to the gop's can all visit to the banking rang my essential provisions of the back to the fifties or sth. marco use to workers the pto many italians use to quote the board and skill which would always get the work n roll. but it didn't hold true for local one day he was sacked and has not been quiet since he's been living on the street for about four years now and says that forty six he sees little chance of fixing his life. yes this not to review his identity. we all when you live on the street survival is what takes up most of your time simply gets in the showers a challenge. it saves so much
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time to take care of yourself what a normal person all your east end of the day and you're exhausted and depressed. with the italian economy going into its longest recession since the second will dwarf with twelve percent with the walks are unemployed. well for adults and young people don't have a job. there are no official figures on the homeless. we have a new type of food that you can get for free from somewhere. more italians are beginning to turn to charity and humanitarian aid for help. we use a goal with about fifty five percent with foreign minister and a four to five percent died in the wee of about sixty five percent. i did go to five percent. i did today. everything on the shelves is freely given in exchange for points allocated to low income families by the global charity network that weakness most of the fort is near its expiration date except for special you able to eat the snow similar to an
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ordinary us and from what you've got bread pasta theory meat products vegetables and salt. one thing which really stands out for the fact that it's a sign saying not for sale and this is humanitarian aid from the european union and pulled together these products make up a round of thirty off all the stuff here regis is no reason the alarm saying around one third of all italian children are at risk of quality and are lacking basic essentials such as protein rich foods keep team and cool. people can smoke or a key role. most mornings national red cross as nice as europe is experiencing is bliss humanitarian crises in decades. meetings are unable to afford everything that had speed and seventy five percent increase in people relying on feed and across the continent. he'll deny sanctions europe a director told us that the number of people having to tend to cacti is beyond that with expectations. what we have seen this since been paid off
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in sydney in two thousand and nine and two two thousand and sixteen. is that the crises that i really take you to shoot an ad in future endeavors and that household given to a different degree because people do not have stayed used only in savings there's nothing left from you soon and rapid decrease in what we called them they can cause people to produce repost what they had to rely on what he owns more than a month. i used i used to be useful to students who campaigned since this he concluded. it is to use it even farther one cents was working in the space this on occasion he says. we've been shocked when he sold it can lead to a ten course hero europe's economic troubles have been steadily changing them helps it to cool and scary people liberals night the road of canine care in the european parliament times a night changing the theory
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skeptics pasta place in the gap. six months before the next european elections george smith plays the precarious balance between right and correct went to the many many singers in london they see a lead for six men are sick of the european union was met with the keen to add to the nose. but that's what happens. yet at the con recipe in the minds of liberals and democrats the euro. they reckon that fertility did moms that opinion polls and in the cities throughout the eu target different story. in fact the consonant it is to make a significant cuts to the rights with new policies conducting believe that place today's space needle is making me with that holds the seat towards immigrants and on saturday at the very idea of the eu. it was still the main street crossing enough to cause that just adds to the right to that effect but to get to date
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the conference can said that since starting the bit that's still on the liberals dying as today the dac. i love the great wall said nanny she represented the albion alliance be simple. there is a haunting prepared to stand up to the far right. when so many are simply moving on to their ground in the hope of recovering lost books of the few skepticism existence here in opinion polls to see it in people's attitudes. we have to convince people that is the european union brings us a lot of benefits but needs reform. ppd is to continue to bring us the benefits of. makes it to the grace that but suddenly swimming and getting the tights. why do liberals have to fix months before the european elections to convince a skeptical that the debate eu integration is in good faith. meanwhile the lights will be whacking just as hearts can increase since the effort to see you can't really tell if the us
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is still clean the bathroom and slight victory at the kids practically in the back. yemen's defence ministry complex not to the capital has been shaken by come home. more than two hours of intense gunfire think at least twenty nine people are filled to the uk where the trading floor medical stuff in the fact that apparently targeted the hospital section of the comp and the fish whose idea was to pull a is not the tail with some yemeni politicians they do so with it pays to be the winner of our tiny dent in the arabian peninsula is a powerful cell has repeatedly attacked the government in recent years. wait till tonight when it's time to time out with christ's the place where the attack two nights. you can recruit retreating to the current crew. but in truth. reading both for the future. the show can be excluded from coaching we're
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not fully believing that you need to go couldn't. fire in the they were a kid to shut up. you don't report it. you can eat. james coburn from the online news source to call the police to bring to the amazon is a more complex than the feds to pay. this attack is quite unusual including not only the fact that it was not just the suicide bombing but as you say that word the militants stormed the defence ministry afterwards and engaged in a fireplace the week with members of the yemen security forces. and these nine gunmen were apparently according to reports dressed in military fatigues. so this is quite an interesting ordinated attack and i'd be the former armed forces associated with the lady in the former the former ruling party in yemen tends to blame these attacks on al qaeda militants because that helps to ensure us military aid and a
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financially tooth to the two yemeni government. but i think we have to understand that this is part of a political transition taking place right now on there's a great degree of instability so we have to understand that there is in intense political rivalries that are happening right now. as a picnic and some of the news that while many discussions in the central african republic have killed at least twenty three p m wounded dozens in all nicely muslim rebels the seas are not confined to increase to support me and the president witnesses in the capital slave easy to see katie women and children on field and soldiers have been put on high and that you and is preparing to send french reinforcements are trying to restore order. iraqi police is still the shopping now in the northern city of cocoon during three minutes and sit and eat and i was going to sound off on wednesday gunmen and suicide bombers attacked a mile from police headquarters nearby killing eleven am leading seventeen
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all tracks witnessing a say in sectarian violence honestly since two thousand and nine the u n s to ninety nine pence and being killed since the start of the key we have an online project which has wanted to iraq's ongoing funding to confine that help calm. hundreds of indigenous brazilian people have attempted to storm government buildings in the capital itself to the justice ministry grade and new rooms for the chemo patient making plans for next year's world cup. security guards at the presidential race heats at the sprite in protest as he pushed at distract the national costume contest on the ministry of justice saying the grill was to undermine the rights to an ancestral lands. so it was on the right call. next its mx and slicing my concert i live
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to noon. i am. we often see the middle east is a place that's a term of revolution people call it seemed to be very fired up as well. masses of protesters to force a government ministries to shut down by storming the look you in waves. one such ministry is the kind of cool that of the american fbi which has been accused of killing around ninety people in a crackdown on those who support ousted prime minister thaksin should allot truck was the brother of the current leader while people are crying out for democracy accusations of violence against protesters so where barack obama john kerry the mainstream media. i mean whenever some group of rebels protesters frightening freedom fighters fight for democracy are we supposed to arm them like in syria and or bomb their country back into the stone age like and libya serve in iraq. some protest explode across the mainstream media with calls for intervention and others who are mostly silent when i lived in bulgaria where there
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have also been struggling to buildings less than a month ago. and with the conspiracy theorist but the selective cover agents look of concern for some humans rights not the rights of others. what smells a bit fishy to me. but that's just my thing. i am the financial system was not the fa regulations and in the wake of the crisis the eu has been focusing on strengthening break in a tree at the sight of the banking system. the main tool but in halting the strength and stability of the banking system is the package of measures known as basel three the main goal is to apply to banks to hold much more capital to provide a buffer against risky investments and to dissuade bank is to act more responsibly. well health
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organization estimates that hold the eighteen million people worldwide have done for more than double the twenty third. in ukraine srsly. i fell in love researchers from angry young university. they are set back in thailand recently harbor c and third monday of the university of colorado it's an awful at it for transplanting healthy food producing cells to die in any increase in rates due after breaking the study also suggests that dispense with type two diabetes. it is well manila school teacher and siesta time is getting the video excited about reading. she's sleeping a little song and dance about learning. it's where
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the stone ever having to be the best light. our message to the pot. this song comes from the computer access mentorship program. can the government approved him lessons offered teachers told us that makes cool cool for at risk students. they come from for students like the castillo de desk and these classes are free from a tough life outside the classroom and the rare opportunity to practice in meditation. he sets about away from things in life helps teachers lake and siesta time no see it's not just lessons in reading but also lets us from. the forty sixty in june but the comfy to expose the guys to go in its duty to those in the navy to fit the piece posted a ninety ft twenty eight into the store this song by ten to nine point four million units
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joined as an excuse to toss it into an infant. she exploded from twenty one touchdowns of understanding to talk to ms evans said compared to one point she'll fight back down stating that on tuesday finance and planning some expletive got to go in the event of getting to the squad of the current financial year two thousand and thirteen the dutch when the cuban point six million utilities as compared to one sixty nine point five million units daughter's tiny skinny fifty to two thousand and eight. the us continues to be the biggest import to get students from india. i got to see a show that demand is rising from below and business services for the education to health care to measure due to rising income levels and the rapid expansion of the asian legal costs. according to the itv station development outlook twenty twelve update released today developing the service sector with people provide services rather than to
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school which will be the central theme of cases structural change in the coming years. part of the things in the world. also on the web and made the networks the north the news on jillian. us secretary of state john kerry has landed interlude the salvage whatever is left of the israeli palestinian peace talks. sixteen palestinians and four israelis have been killed since the negotiations for starting back in july palestinian officials claim the two sides remain polarized on the main issues of borders security the status of jerusalem and refugees. israel accuses the palestinians that are hindering the progress of negotiations by failing to recognize


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